GLANMIRE customs clearance

city of a hundred international freight forwarders Limited high coverage, high efficiency service to companies and institutions to obtain approval. Shenzhen Baitong International Freight Co., Ltd. will provide safe, economic, professional to professional spirit for your service.
Shenzhen Baitong International Freight Forwarding Co. Ltd. to take shipping, air cargo import and export agency business for international transportation, including Lanhuo, booking, storage, transit, customs clearance, inspection, warehousing, distribution, agency tax handling related transport services and consulting services.
In Shenzhen Yantian port, Shekou port, Wen Jindu, Huanggang port, airport customs of the establishment of professional customs department, provide professional general trade customs service for the foreign trade enterprises. Also for the right to free import and export company, SOHO group or by the high cost has processing factory, pay customs declaration, commodity inspection, for the export of sea, all in one service!
After the foreign exchange business of our company is one of the highlights of the foreign trade enterprise services for long-term for domestic without the right to import and export companies charge exchange, the exchange of the day to day settlement of foreign exchange accounts, according to the real-time price settlement of the Bank of China, remitted to your designated account, public, and private households can be, do not charge any fees. (our company with foreign trade business, we often need to buy foreign exchange to foreign goods.) Do not spend money for you to exclude the difficulty and anxiety.
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